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FairyKiss' World

I love the wondrous world of the fae


A Faerie Bedtime Prayer

Faerie bless, and Faerie keep
Faeire watch me while I sleep.

Protect my hearth. Protect my home.
Protect my spirit as I roam.

Faerie guide me through the night
And keep away the shapeless fright.

Faerie bless and Faerie keep
Faerie watch me as I sleep.

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The WeatherPixieThe WeatherPixie
Perth, Australia & Sudbury, Canada

Sitting on a mushroom under a tree
tell me sweet feary,
have you come to play with me?
Wings of gossamer,
making nary a sound,
dragons for pets,
your magick does confound.
Oh how I love the wondrous world of the fae.
I'll fly with them until night turns to day.